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September Work Session this weekend, 16th and 17th

Come out this Friday and Saturday as we prepare for the Logging Meet the following week and continue our work on the expansion. We have weeded and sprayed the logging line but it still needs prepped before the meet with some ballasting and leveling. We also have some work around the new bridge to complete the right of way as we bury signal conduit and complete some drainage ditches. We have ordered the wood for the tunnel structures and hope to have a load delivered by the weekend. We have 75 tunnel structures to build and we could use some help cutting the timbers so that we can begin assembling them. The jig for the assembly is nearly compete, which should make assembly much easier. I am also including some pictures from the recent completion of the new bridge. I will put out an update on the extension sometime in the next week. Again, any and all help is always greatly appreciated.

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