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Third Work Weekend of the Season! April 9th & 10th

Thanks to all who came out during our second work session a couple of weeks ago. We got a lot done on the new loop which needed extensive timber work. We also worked on the Tower Siding and running new wires to our signal system not to mention the general cleanup. Believe it or not we still have more tree removal to do and in one of the storms last week we had a large tree break away and hang up in the canopy just above the roundhouse. Not a good situation!

So for our third work weekend the main projects will be finishing the Tower Siding, continued removal of trees and brush from the new loop and other areas of the property and continued spring cleanup! As the weather is looking very cooperative on Friday and Saturday we ask that you come on out, get a little exercise and have a little fun in the process. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated! I hoping we can continue making good progress this weekend as we have the past two. Hope to see you there!!!

See some of the photo descriptions below:

Log removal. This area will also have around 10 feet of material removed with a potential tunnel on the loop. We plan a vertical cut here to minimize damage to the large surrounding trees.

This is the site of a future bridge. The site had some of the smaller trees removed and Dick is assessing next steps.

Part of the right-of-way mostly completed with the crew takes a short break.

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