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Working while Social Distancing

Just because there's no sporting events, concerts and weddings where people get together doesn't mean you can't get a little fresh air. I see people out in our neighborhoods more than ever walking their dogs and getting their kids out of the house to keep everyone sane. So when you have a 34 acre property with 5 miles of track there's a lot of room and a lot of work to get done. So I thought I'd give you all a look at some of the things being worked on out at the track, while social distancing.

With the Convention coming up in August Dick determined that we may need some additional yard space. So we decided to develop a new area, near Larison on the Apex loop, that we could use and possibly construct a new car barn in the future. Six tracks @ 80' per track, a pretty good addition. We hope to have the track work completed before the first meet in late May (we're hoping its the first meet!). Here are a couple more pictures of the progress.

Clee on the dozer. Like we could get him off of it!

Quite a bit of material was moved and regraded to get the area prepared.

We've also been working on putting a driveway in along Sandhill near the shop at Barney Yard.

And as usual work continues on track cleanup and maintenance to prepare for this summers events. Quite a bit of track maintenance has been done due to the March flood and as you can see here tree branches this year have been extensive.

Mark, thanks for soloing on the cleanup train! As you can see he got quite a bit of work done on the mountain division and this is only one of the piles. Sorry that it all went up in ashes! :)

Here is a new piece of equipment we got this past month. This will be (is being!) used with the Kabota and Ruby (our side by side) to haul material around the property.

With a heavy workload sometimes the equipment needs a little TLC. Here the Kabota heads to the shop for some maintenance. The same problem we had last year with her has crepted up again. This one better be warranty work! Thanks Chris for the tow.

Everyone stay safe!! We hope to see you out at future work sessions and our events scheduled for this summer.

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