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Central Ohio Area Live Steamers is looking for volunteers for this years Buckeye Limited 2023.  We ask that everyone coming to the event, including those planning to volunteer, register and purchase their tickets.   As part of the registration process you will be asked if you are interested in volunteering and if you click "yes" or "maybe," you will be asked what area(s) you believe you can help.


We will be scheduling the volunteers this year, in 3 hour shifts, and should you be so generous to offer your assistance, we will contact you to determine the time(s) and day(s) you would be willing to be scheduled.  We will have a check in at the registration desk and we will post the volunteers on the daily bulletin board.  After scheduling we will provide you a link so that you can see what times you have scheduled.  The link for volunteer sign up and reviewing your schedule is


After going to this link just pick each volunteer time that's available in the schedule that you are interested in and click the "Signup" button for each of these times to add your name to the volunteer list.  Then after selecting your times go to the end and click the orange tab,"Submit and Sign up".  If you haven't signed up before it will ask you for your information after you have selected the orange tab.

As in past conventions we will be asking volunteers to wear a Mill Creek Central maroon volunteer shirt (quest event shirts will be in gray), either from past events you have volunteered in and/or we will have volunteer shirts available for purchase, at cost.  We also plan to have both volunteer t-shirts as well as polo shirts.  We will discuss the shirts with you further when we sign you up and schedule you as a volunteer.

Again, if you choose to volunteer we will greatly appreciate your assistance.  As you know, without volunteers this event would  not be possible.  If you have any further questions contact me at and I will try to answer your questions.

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