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November 8, 2011: More Videos

Terry Paige sent an email with links to more of Stacey's videos ---- the email is repeated below:

Here are the links to the other two videos that my girlfriend Stacey made of the Mill Creek Central Railroad during the fall meet. Both are of the Valley Division and they are in two parts. Please feel free to attach them to the MCCRR web site for all to see.

Here are the links to the Mill Creek Central Railroad videos:

Also, Stacey and I went out to the Michigan Central Railroad on Saturday afternoon to unload my train trailer so that I can start putting in the upper deck so that I can carry six extra cars with me. That way my engine won't be quite as long as my train.

Bill Hays sent me an updated track plan of the MCRR. I have attached that track plan. Also, with the track plan Bill used a split screen so that people could have the track plan as well as the MCRR video on the screen at the same time. This way you can follow along on the track plan in comparison to the video.

The Michigan Central Railroad is one continuous 35 minute video. So, get something to drink and sit back and enjoy the ride. Please feel free to use this as a link.

Here is the video for the Michigan Central Railroad we took on Saturday:

Make sure your sound is on for all of the videos as Stacey dubbed some great music and some special sound effects as well. If you go to youtube and look up "uptrainmansgirl" in the search bar it will take you to her train videos. The best way to keep up with her work is to subscribe by checking the box. They will send you an email when something new is posted on youtube.

Please send comments directly to Stacy's youtube account.

Viewing the track diagram while watching the video is a neat idea. Links to the MCC track diagrams are in the Track section. The diagram most suitable for viewing is .

Click the thumbnail on the right to view an example display screen with both the track diagram and the video.

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