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August 7, 2012: More tree trouble

The remaining trunk of the oak tree that went down on NORATS block posed a hazard so Beaver Dan and Chainsaw Bob took it down last weekend. There is a lot of wood there!

Today Bob was cutting down a dead tree at the U curve on the logging line when Dick discovered a tree down in the lower yard. Photo shows that Bob and Brody had the track cleared in just a few minutes. Absence another severe storm, the track is clear for the Large Engine Meet this weekend.

Raccoon Valley Lumber: Monday was erection day for the Engine House / Car Barn. Dick, Clee and Brody had the sight all prepared including electricity.

The structure had been constructed elsewhere, then disassembled and delivered to the site last week.

The base with side walls was pulled off the trailer and up on the ledge using a Harbor Freight Electric Hoist.

The hoist was repositioned (chained to a different tree) and the base was then pulled into position. Some final adjustment was accomplished with spud bars.

The back and two sides were erected in a few minutes. This photo was taken at about 11 AM so it was quick. One note, when lifting the right wall a mouse ran over Clee --- the little buggers couldn't wait until it was erected to move in. Two big ( 6 foot long) black snakes live a hundred feet or so up the hill; maybe they'll learn to slither down the hill and have dinner once in a while.

By noon today (Tuesday) the roof trusses and doors were installed, the structure leveled, and internal wiring installed. Clee had run a water line across the trestle and down the adjacent tower. This morning the line was secured to the trestle I beams and to the tower and connected to the water source. There is now running water. This new structure makes the trestle look even higher. The area is shaded in the afternoon and quite pleasant. It will be necessary to put up "Do not flush while on trestle" signs at each end of the trestle.

This photo shows the rotary switch in the thru position to a siding that will run up the ravine. The switch will have four tracks on the left into the engine house and one on the right to a steaming bay. The roof should go on tomorrow, then a concrete base for the pivot point of the switch and then some final grading after about 6 inches of fill has been added between the switch and the engine house. Should be in full operation for the Labor Day Meet.

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