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October 10, 2012 - Fall Colors

The fall colors are here and the forecast for the weekend is mid 60s and only a slight chance of rain on Sunday --- a beautiful weekend for the Logging Locomotive Meet.

This photo was taken on Tuesday morning after a heavy fog had burned off and the temperature had climbed from the early morning reading of 30.

The down side of the fall colors is leaves on the track. This photo shows Dick running the track leaf blowing equipment. The crew had just finishing adding 25 feet to Coyote siding that is on the logging line about 200 meters north of the wye. A couple years ago there was a coyote den just to the right of the siding.

This photo show a clear track downhill from Coyote siding. Earlier in the week the crew removed 30 car loads of sticks leaves from this section of track ---- there is a price for shaded track.

Dick and Clee are chipping branches near the upper leg of the logging line switchback. The brush beside the track in the photo in the October 3rd update below is now gone.

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