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April 10, 2013 - Main Line Extension

Spring has finally arrived at MCC so the final grading of the main line extension reverse loop can get underway. Photo is taken from west end of planned loop. The north side of the loop (where the jeep is parked) is about a foot too high and the south side is a about a foot low.

This photo shows the north side of the loop. Some of the bank on the right side needs to be cut back to accommodate the 65 foot radius curve. Being able to drive on the future roadbed is always a good sign.

The south side of the loop shown here also needs to be extended outward to accommodate the 65 foot radius. This area needs about a foot of fill. A couple more trees must also be removed.

Car Storage Expansion: This shows the status of the expansion of the under-the-deck car storage. The expansion will provide 40 feet X 6 tracks = 240 feet of new storage.

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