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Mainline Reroute to Clee Block

The Y-switch will actually be on the south side of McCloy Lane.

The mainline from Baldwin to the Clee block is in the process of being rerouted. The mainline currently goes across the creek at the same location that McCloy Lane crosses the creek.

The existing crossing is too narrow and we've been having trouble maintaining this crossing that is used for both trains and automobiles. To improve the situation we will first be rerouting the mainline and adding a new bridge across the creek. Next we plan on removing the existing crossing on McCloy Lane and replacing it with a wider and improved crossing that will accommodate the large trailers and RV's that typically cross here. The total project will not be completed until next spring but the right-of-way is already in the works. Clee block will continue to be open, on the existing route through the remainder of the year.

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