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2019 Ohio Ramble Update

Mill Creek Central Railroad along with the Blueberry Railroad, Erie Metro Live Steamers, Lake Shore Live Steamers and Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers have announced the final schedule for the 2019 Ohio Ramble; August 29th through September 8th, 2019. The schedule is as follows:

Mill Creek Central Railroad August 29 - September 2

Blueberry Railroad September 2 - 3

Erie Metro Live Steamers September 3 - 4

Lake Shore Live Steamers September 4 - 5

Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers September 6 - 8

Clink on the link at the top of our webpage to go to our Ohio Ramble Page, where you can find information on the event. A link to the official Ohio Ramble website, as well as links to our sister railroad web pages are also available . Further information will be made available soon!

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