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Buckeye Limited 2020 Clinic Schedule

Keep your eyes out for these 2020 Clinics

Check out our great Clinic Schedule for the Buckeye Limited in August!

Clinic Schedule


9:00 Welcome, Card Order Basics w/ Dick McCloy

10:00 Insurance Coverage w/ Dave Sams

11:00 Boiler Treatment w/ Jim Conte

12:00 Boiler Wash Demonstration w/ Marty Knox


9:00 Switch Construction Demonst. w/ Enterprise Plastics

10:00 Propane Conversion w/ Jeff Dute

11:00 Brake Systems w/ Jim Humphrey

12:00 Clippard Products (Tentative) w/ Jim Hoy


9:00 End track work, NOT! w/ Mill Creek Central Crew

10:00 Vesconite Use (Tentative) w/ Dennis TBD

11:00 Loctite 2.0 (Tentative - 2Hrs.) w/ Noah TBD

Be sure and sign up for the Convention, your sure to learn something new!!

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