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Productive work weekend at Mill Creek Central Railroad

Whew, what a work weekend! There were a bunch of projects in play and boy did we work through many of them thanks to our great volunteers and their willingness to extend the work weekend out until Monday. We were able to complete the additional storage yard near Lairson on the Apex Loop. I possible project for later may be to build a car bar at this location.

Thanks to Tom Gano of Gano Construction we were able to make some great progress on our roof above the deck overlooking the valley division. We’re hoping to at least have the decking on for our meet this weekend. we hope to finish up the project soon.

Today we completed our extended work weekend by doing a little concrete work in Barney Yard near the steaming bays and the shop. Thanks to all who came out today. The weather was great for a little concrete work.

Hope to see many of you out this coming weekend.

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