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Steaming Bay Rental

Due to past issues in assigning steaming bays during some of our previous August meets and to alleviate some of the issues of assignment, we have decided this year to try something different and rent out the steaming bays.  The steaming bays will be limited to steam engines only and only those that are no larger than 2.5 inch scale.  The funds will be used for MCCRR maintenance and improvements.  The 12 bays under the building and the 7 bays in the back will be rented by the day.  A diagram of the steaming bays, their assignment numbers and the lengths being rented are shown below.  The two western bays in the front, near the main transfer table (steaming bay 5 & 6), will be split and rented as two bays each.  The track will maintain 1 bay for open steaming and blowdown (outside steaming bay, next to # 7) that can be used temporarily by all, as available. The steaming bay down by the roundhouse will also be for open steaming.  The daily rental will be from 9:00am to 9:00am the following day and renters will be allowed to keep their tools and typical materials under their bay during the time they are renting.  Note that the back transfer table lift has been upgraded to a hydraulic system for improved vertical performance.   WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ALLOW OTHERS TO USE YOUR BAY TEMPORARILY IF YOU ARE OUT ON THE TRACK, FOR STEAMING UP OR BLOWING DOWN, BUT THEY MUST VACATE YOUR BAY AFTER DOING SO OR UPON YOUR RETURN.

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