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"Are You Ready to Join the Central Ohio Area Live Steamers? Check Out Our Latest Membership News!"

This year is Mill Creek Central Railroad's 25th anniversary and what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than by announcing that Central Ohio Area Live Steamers (COALS) is now accepting membership! What does that mean? Beginning this year, individuals will have the ability to help support and strengthen the railroad's future through membership. The purpose of our organization is to continue the core goal of the owner of Mill Creek Central Railroad, Dick McCloy, which has been to promote and educate those who have an interest in railroading and to provide them a place to achieve those interests.

COALS was formed to continue Dick's legacy by initially leasing and ultimately owning, operating, and maintaining the Mill Creek Central Railroad, LLC. and its associated

equipment, thus allowing the organization to foster a spirit of cooperation among railroaders, both live steam and those with more modern equipment.  COALS will gather and disseminate information pertaining to the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of live steam railroads, locomotives and railcars among the general public that are interested in railroading. COALS will also work with the members of this and similar associations and hold meetings, meets, operating sessions, work sessions, seminars, conventions and provide public awareness and educational opportunities at stated times for the discussion of topics and the exchange of ideas relating to all forms of railroading, including but not limited to, live steam railroads, locomotives, railcars, infrastructure requirements, track layout design, construction, maintenance and signaling. 

Beginning in 2024, those visiting the railroad will be required, annually, to sign a waiver and release of liability the first time visiting Mill Creek Central Railroad. Those who become Founder's, Regular, Family and Associate Members will have a multitude of opportunities based on the membership class chosen. COALS will also plan special "Members Only" events in the future with more details to come.

Those individuals who choose not to join the organization and wish to be visiting members (everyone attending will, at the least, be required to become a visiting member and sign the appropriate paperwork, waivers and indemnity) will certainly be welcome to continue to come to the track but will be restricted to a limited number of annual meets that they will be able to attend in any given year.

COALS will also be working to make your time at the track more enjoyable and accessible through future development of "Members Only" equipment storage, trailer storage, additional access to the track for members outside of our regularly scheduled meets and plans for members only meets in the near future. We are also in the planning stage for the development of a welcome center for members and visitors that will better accommodate meetings, meets, dinners and just a place to get out of the heat or cold while at the track. In the future we would also like to improve our camping opportunities for members who wish to spend more time at the track. So come join us for COALS' inaugural membership drive as we work to improve on an already amazing track as we move into the future.

For details on our membership opportunities click on the button to your left.

For details on our organization, including bylaws, incorporation etc., click on the button to your left.

The Board Members of COALS hope that you join us in becoming members of our organization. Should you have any questions after reviewing our materials on our website feel free to email Jim Henry at Please also provide a contact phone number so that Jim can give you a call if necessary.

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