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June 5, 2012 Update

June 2 -3 was a work weekend which provided an opportunity to get some photos of several of the construction projects.

Logging Line: As seen in the photo on right the logging line has progressed to the lower switchback.

This photo shows the tail between the lower and upper switchbacks which is all graded and ready for track. The switch is leaning against the tree ready for installation. Many more track panels need be construction for this project.

Whitaker: The last siding (track #5) is now complete as seen in photo. This has been primarily Randy's project. He installed a switch for a spur near the north end of that outside siding. That spur will lead to Termite Lumber.

Clee has already got the first 100 ft + of the grading done for the Termite Lumber spur.

Main Line Extension: The major project for this weekend was the track on the northwest side of the loop at Apex. A switch is needed in the loop for the main line extension. The first order of business was to pull the track north of Whitaker and lower the track bed some 8 inches to make for a smoother grade crossing at the driveway. The track was pulled on Monday at the end of the Spring meet and Clee did the grading during the week. Photo on the right looking south into Whitaker shows the muddy track bed on Saturday morning.

This photo taken from Whitaker looking north shows a smooth grade over the driveway. The big pile of dirt in the background was taken from this rather shallow cut last week.

Randy is checking the radius of the curve around the north end loop at Apex.

Mike and Clee are installing the new mainline just north of Whitaker as Dick and Brian are looking on. By the end of the day Saturday nearly all of the track was back in and much of it was ballasted. Check back for an update later in the week.

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