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June 17, 2013 - Summer Meet

Thursday and Sunday were a little damp but Friday and Saturday were cool and sunny; ideal weather for steamers. The track was in pretty good shape with recent weed control efforts obvious. (Can't understand how weeds and moles flourish in the hard ballast.) Some folks driving Corvairs stopped by Saturday afternoon. Photos at Summer Meet Slideshow.

Around Apex: There has been quite a bit of activity around Apex (near the gas well) over the last couple weeks. Clee replace the swayback grade crossing at the start of the main line extension (click thumbnail). It is smooth and flat.

Lora and Dominic signal company installed signals for the first block of the mail line extension. There is no power in the area so they used battery power with solar panels to keep the batteries charged. That first block is really long and nobody volunteered to dig in a cable between the two ends so they went wireless.

Last year Randy put a this spur off the yard at Whitaker. It headed into the woods.

The other day Clee used the dozer to extend the path a hundred feet or so. It might be a good spot for a backwoods industry such as a still.

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