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July 6, 2013

It's been raining nearly every day for several weeks. In spite of the rain the crew has the track in working order. A major task on the work weekend was to erect industry signs in preparation for the card order meet next weekend.

Track Diagram: The track diagram has been updated to show the completed Logging Division and the Completed Mountain Division. Previous versions of the diagram had an orientation about 16 degrees off north to maximize the image size on standard paper. The expansion to the northwest corner of the property changed the image shape such that the near optimum image is with a true north orientation. The Track section of the website has been updated with links to 4 pdf files that can be used to print various size diagrams. The file MCC7_6_13_8X11Print.pdf is a good file to view on the monitor because the image can be magnified to the desired detail in the pdf viewer. Elevations and 100 foot markers will be added for the new track as time and energy permits.

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