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Apr 13, 2014-Live Steam Article

The feature article of the May/June issue of Live Steam is about Mill Creek Central written by Kathleen Bryan. There are some really neat photos in the article taken by Brandon Townley. Should be available shortly.

AEP Excavation: The power company lowered the ground under the power lines this past week. Apparently there is a minimum ground clearance requirement. Maybe the lines sagged a bit as they aged (we all know about that phenomenon). In this case it was easier to lower the ground than raise the lines. This photo shows the finished grading and seeding over the tunnel.

This is the area south of the tower where Clee had already been working on a parking lot. The dirt pillars show how much the level was lowered.

Our fearless leader supervising the project --- or is it our fallen leader?

This is the view looking north, a really nice parking lot. They will move the top soil back in place and then seed the entire area.

The is the view from under the tower looking south. There will be an entrance to the parking area off the drive going up the hill.

Observation Platform: Work has started on a 20 foot X 12 foot observation platform (deck) on the east side of Barney Yard just south of the water tower. This is the area where a crowd always seems to congregate. The platform (deck) will be supported by eight 6X6 posts. Photo shows the senior member of the crew trying to figure out how to use a post hole digger while clinging to the steep slope.

Same senior member praying that hole is deep enough.

The posts are the hardest part and they are in! Next it will be beams, then joists, then decking and railings last. Stay tuned.

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