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Apr 10, 2014 - Beaver Sighting

Yesterday on the way to breakfast we spotted a huge beaver on the driveway over the creek culvert. By the time we got the camera out and ran to the culvert it had jumped into the creek and swam south of the truss bridge. It dove under when we snapped the picture. To the trained eye the dark shadow in the photo is clearly a beaver --- or maybe the Loch Nest Monster. It quickly disappeared and the water was clear so maybe it has an underwater entrance to a den in the bank. The critter was at least twice as big as Baldwin so we're guessing 35 to 40 lbs; it was pretty round so maybe it's pregnant. A note to you city folks: beavers are normally shy but aggressive when cornered so DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PET THE BEAVERS!

Second photo shows the restored driveway crossing with the track clear of the cherry tree shown in photo below.

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