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Clinic Schedule Finalized

As we get closer to the convention the clinics are really coming together. While not final, the clinics below cover a broad spectrum of hobby. Check out the current schedule below.

  • Clinic Schedule​

  • 9:00 Track Switch Building w/ Enterprise Plastics

  • 10:00 Pumps w/ Nelson Reidel

  • 11:00 Boilers w/ Marty Knox

  • 1:00 Loctite w/ Loctite Representative

  • 2:00 Steaming Coals w/ Jim Henry

  • 3:00 Keim Pumps w/ Brian Keim

  • 4:00 LSB Boiler Treatment w/ Jim Conte

Also check out our round table discussion later in the day on the future of the hobby. Everyone is encouraged to participate!!! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

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