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Mill Creek Central Railroad Spring Dispatch Operating Meet: May 10 - 11

Mill Creek Central Railroad will hold its first spring Dispatch Operating Meet on May 10th and 11th. The signals will be dark (covered up) so if you'd like to participate, show up for a good time. Our first ever dispatch meet last year went over very well and everyone appeared to have a great time. If you are willing to try something new you should plan to attend. Remember to bring your FRS radios and extra batteries so that you can communicate with the Dispatcher!!! Those who are unwilling to operate using a dispatcher will not be allowed to operate on the railroad during this event.

If you'd like to review the documents for the Dispatch meet you can find them below. I have also attaching Charlie Hallman's notes, our Dispatcher for this event, and his suggestions to the operators that plan on running next weekend.

Also, if you haven't joined COALS you should try to do so before you come to the meet. Note that we will allow those who wish to only visit as an operator to do so up to twice per season. More information on membership and visitation can be found here: We hope to see you at the track soon.

Charlie Hallman's dispatch notes and attachments can be found below:

Thank you for your interest in Mill Creek Central's Dispatch Operations.

"MCC Rulebook 2 Online Version" is a copy of the rulebook & the Bryan

Yard Supplement formatted for ease of online viewing.

DO NOT PRINT "MCC Rulebook 2 Online Version"

Physical Copies of the Rulebook will be furnished at the meet.

MCC Rulebook 2 Online Version
Download PDF • 1.60MB

"MCC Rulebook 2 Public" is a copy of the rulebook formatted for ease of

use once printed. Print ALL PAGES ON BOTH SIDES and fold in the middle

of each page.

MCC Rulebook 2 Public
Download PDF • 1.25MB

"MCC Rulebook 2 Cover" is the cover for "MCC Rulebook 2 Public".


MCC Rulebook 2 Cover
Download PDF • 165KB

"Barney Yard Supplement" is an additional track map that does not format

properly in the rulebook, so is provided separately. PRINT THIS ONE SIDED.

Barney Yard Supplement
Download PDF • 476KB

"MCC Profile Card" are profile cards for all the switching jobs to be

run during the Dispatch meet. These will be furnished to crews at the

meet when necessary, but have been included to give heads up to crews

and can be printed if desired. PRINT ONE SIDED.

MCC Profile Card
Download PDF • 267KB

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