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Mill Creek Central's Spring Volunteer Work & Run Weekend

Join us this weekend as we have our second annual Spring Work & Run. Volunteers are welcome to join us on Friday through Sunday where we will work on Friday and the first half of Saturday and then have a running session for the remainder of the weekend. Volunteers are encouraged to bring something for a potluck lunch on Saturday at noon. We have been getting a lot done over the past couple of weeks but we still have much to do.

The wind storm a couple of weeks ago uprooted many trees and we have been working to get them cut up and removed. We had a group of young workers from Trail Life USA, Ohio Chapter, Troop OH-0110, from Dublin Ohio come, out a couple of weeks ago to help us pick up debris around the track and some of the track's regular volunteers provided them with a ride around the track. The many small hands was very helpful in getting the sticks and branches removed so that we could begin mowing.

There were a couple of trees that were still standing but too dangerous for our volunteers to cut down and remove so we had a professional crew come out and drop a few of these trees for us. We'll still need to cut them up and get them removed.

In the picture above you can see one of the trees being removed above the new tunnel being completed in the Accu-Tie Loop of the new extension. As you can see much of the tunnel has been filled in but we still have more to do.

Here you can see an old red oak that had died a few years ago being cut down. This tree was over 3 feet in diameter at the base and was just to dangerous for us to take down safely along with the fact that we didn't want it to damage the surrounding trees and track.

We've completed the ballasting of the Kelley Siding on the new extension and, by this weekend, we will have the Mapes Block ballasted and compete to the new bridge. This will leave us with a couple hundred feet more of the Mapes Block, the upgrade of adding a water station at the Titan Siding and the final return loop, for which we hope to start the final grading and track panel placement in around 3 weeks.

So come out this weekend, take a look at what we've done and give us a hand on getting ready for the new season.

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